Do-able New Years Resolutions Every Eventer Should Make

Every year every eventer makes some sort of a new years resolution. Here are 10- completely do-able New Years Resolutions every eventer should make.

1) Ride without stirrups at least once a week. – This doesn’t mean your whole ride. Make a commitment you’re willing to follow. 10-15 minutes would be best.

photo credit: Horse Nation

photo credit: Horse Nation

2) Keep a journal of your riding and your horse’s progress.- Just a quick entry every ride. And keep up with it, that’s the important part!

3) Do that grooming ritual you always seem to put off-  Whether it be curry combing, picking out their hooves or brushing their tails make sure your horse gets the best care possible!

4) Get your horse to peak fitness- Do more trot sets, and gallops. They’re both relaxing and good exercise for horse and rider! Just turn on your playlist or Pandora and just rock out!

Galloping at Middleburg HT  Photo Credit: Lorie Richards

Galloping at Middleburg HT
Photo Credit: Lorie Richards

5) Ride dressage to music- It’s been proven you get better results in your every day flatting if you play music. Especially one with a distinct beat that you can really ride to! But be careful not to wear ear buds!

6) Compete against yourself- This is the time told tale that your only competitor is yourself. But really people?

7) Stop the negativity- Don’t go on about the bad parts of the ride or the course, concentrate on the good!

8) Become competitive- Work on your weak spots, even though we all know it may be hard, it will pay off in the end!

9) Enjoy your rides-  I know it’s hard when your concentrating but this is supposed to be fun right?

Sasha and Emily

Sasha and Emily

10) Don’t doubt yourself or your horse- Be confident in your strengths and weaknesses!

Have a good new year



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