Meet Karleigh

My name is Karleigh Gray. I’m 14 years old and do online school. I decided to switch my education when I became serious about riding. I figured that I needed all the time I could get to dump into these wonderful animals.

Switching over from attending a school to logging in to one was harder than you think! But I’m happy I did it and would never go back.

I’ve been riding for a solid 9 years now. I started when I was 5- back to fat schooling ponies and my feet not reaching off of the saddle flaps- ahh those were the days. I picked up the eventing bug when I was just 6 years old.

big smiles!

big smiles!

I have a full back story to my first pony and a mare who tried desperately to kill me- but it’s not that interesting.

So I guess we can start with Scooter, my all time best friend. He’s my 6 y/o OTTB that came fresh off the track. I’ve been riding and training the little man since he was four! We were in the process of making the move to prelim right before he broke his leg in September of 2013. Thankfully, as of December 10, 2013 he is back in full work. We plan to pick up right where we left off in the 2014 show season. I have a feeling that he’s going to be better than ever- I’ve evolved so much as a rider and can now help him progress even further.

Scootin' Along "Scooter"

Scootin’ Along “Scooter”

Right now, the only horse I have actively competing is my mom’s Advanced horse, Wynella Wolverine. This horse is teaching me so much! We are currently competing at the Preliminary level. My ultimate goal with Wolfie is to compete in the CCI1* in Canada at Bromont this coming June. Then he can retire from toting me around and move on to my little sister!

I also have a few young horses- Alex and Bug. They’re both 4 year olds. I have high hopes for these two talented boys! They both arrived at the farm at the very end of summer. Stay tuned because these two are special!

"Mi Alexander" Alex

“Mi Alexander” Alex

I hope everyone one who reads our posts can get a little enjoyment out of our crazy lives! My goal is to share what I figure out along the way- with a little humor.

Thanks so much for reading!

Just don’t forget to check back often for more posts!



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2 responses to “Meet Karleigh

  1. Mary

    What is the name of the online school you attend? I am looking to switch over for the same reasons you did.

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