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Hey Everyone!

My name is Sarah Jeffrey and I am a 15 year old eventer in Area 2. I live and ride in Maryland and own a 15 year old off the track thoroughbred named Watching. I know what you might be thinking-“Why in the world would you name your horse ‘Watching?’” I didn’t. I know it is unfortunate-like naming your child North West (Sorry Kim and Kanye, but that name is terrible). But in all fairness, Watching was his racing name, and it stuck once he arrived at my barn, therefore do not blame me for tackiness, especially since I’ve seen some horse names a lot worse than his. Together we compete at the Training level, with hopes to move up to the Preliminary level in 2014. I am a working student for professional event rider Daniel Clasing, who recently completed the Rolex 4* this past April. Presently I am preparing to head down to Aiken, South Carolina where I will begin my 2014 competition season. It’s my first time going to ride down south, and I will be living there for two months with my friend and fellow blogger Emily Przybowski, and both of our trainers (and also my mom since I’m only 15…).

Sarah and Watching

Sarah and Watching

I started eventing only a little over a year ago, although I’ve been riding for almost 11 years. Watching really has been my main teacher during this whole process, but trust me, he isn’t an easy ride. When I first became acquainted with his sassy attitude, I learned he had a very successful career going Prelim with his previous owner. Which means he was fit, and as a first generation Storm Cat offspring, he can get pretty hot. And fast. And when you just came off of a bomb-proof appendix who will do almost anything you ask, you sure as hell aren’t expecting to be taken off with around an indoor arena filled with beginners on 13 hand ponies. I fell in love though, and after first riding him in January of 2013, I bought him 6 months later in July.

Sarah and Watching

Sarah and Watching

My purpose of creating “The Optimum Times” is to share my experiences and journey with all of you reading as I encounter the different obstacles, victories, challenges, and triumphs eventing holds for young riders trying to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional. Really this is a public diary of my eventing life, along with some tips, exercises, and occasional inspirational YouTube videos that may help you along the way of whatever journey you’re on. Everything and anything that makes this insane sport so freaking awesome will be discussed. My dad nailed it when he told my first instructor “You guys are crazy.”

So here’s to the crazy ones, the eventers!

Kick on,


Sarah and Watching competing at Full Moon Farm's recognized horse trials

Sarah and Watching competing at Full Moon Farm’s recognized horse trials Training Level

For any extra footage or information, subscribe to Sarah Jeffrey on YouTube at and follow on Instagram @sarahhjeffreyy or email at


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