Sarah’s Riding Journal


Tonight my Dad and I trekked to and from the barn through the snow storm, which was all worth it because for the first time in a while I had a really great ride on Watching! He wasn’t fantastic, but he listened and was more supple through his top line. Not only was I pleased with him, I was happy with myself for being clear and concise with my aids and not getting frustrated if something wasn’t going my way (which I have a habit of doing). I realize I need to start riding like this more often, considering it works and it obviously gets through to Watching more than pulling and kicking does. Maybe it’s because fellow TOT (The Optimum Times) blogger Karleigh Gray rode him yesterday and dressage’d him up, or because I was more calm, or a million other reasons, but either way I was very happy!

Tomorrow I have a jumping lesson with Dan that I am really looking forward to because we are doing a very fun exercise called “S” turns, that I will post about in more detail tomorrow!

Hopefully there’s no school tomorrow due to all of the snow and inclement weather, so everyone sleep with their pajamas inside out, put a white crayon on the windowsill, and do whatever other crazy superstitions are necessary to get me out of turning in an English paper tomorrow that I haven’t even started!


Georgia with snow all over her face, taking a break after a long game of fetch


Kick on,





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2 responses to “Sarah’s Riding Journal

  1. Maggie Kennedy

    Dressage will do that for a horse! Good luck!

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