10 Tips to Survive the Cold

Currently, the temperature where I am is 19 degrees but feels like 4. I decided while sitting with the farrier trying not to cry about how cold I am that I would get my mind off the cold by writing about it (that made more sense in my head).
1. dress appropriately- as obvious as this one is, it was necessary. If it’s really this cold, winter breeches aren’t going to cut it. Time to break out the snow pants!
2. Gravitate towards warmth- I made the farrier let me turn the horse around so I could stand near the magic fire box that gets the shoes hot.
3. keep all barn doors closed- when you’re in the barn picking frozen poop balls out of the stall (or whatever you may be doing), keep the doors closed. that way the wind won’t come through and make your urge to cry increase.
4. Hot drinks- Make a hot chocolate or coffee and take it down to the barn with you! I never really did this until the other day and for some reason it seemed to really help.
5. keep moving- the more you sit still, the colder you’re going to get.
6. thick socks- if you’re going to ride, don’t wear super thick socks that you’ll have to cram your foot into your boot with. you want to be able to wiggle your toes around to attempt to keep them warm. I don’t know how, but this is how it works.
7. don’t stress- if it’s to cold for you to ride, or you really just don’t want to, it’s not that big of a deal. Truth is, the horse probably isn’t in the mood either. it’s not like you have a show right around the corner so it’s ok to miss a day.
8. hand warmers- throw a pair in your pockets so that when you can take a break, your pockets are warm and toasty.
9. music- sometimes if you’re alone, music will put you in a less bitter mood. it’ll take the focus of the temperature (hopefully).
10. try to ignore the cold- it’s just another day in paradise right? We decided that we want to do this for the rest of our lives, so we might as well enjoy it!

Just remember that sometimes it can make you feel better if you scream at the sky. I’d recommend doing this when no one is watching.



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