An Awkward Story

So here’s an awkward story to brighten your Friday a little more:

I brought fellow blogger Karleigh Gray to the barn with me so she could flat Watching and help me with a few issues I’ve been having with him, since she’s a dressage queen. I was introducing her to some of the riders there, and I saw a lady I recognized as Beth. She saw me as well, and the small talk commenced. Karleigh was beside me, so I said “Oh, Beth, this is my friend Karleigh.” Karleigh said hello, and the lady who I remembered as Beth said “Hi, I’m Janet.” 

A W K W A R D. 

It took me a few long seconds to realize that I had gotten her name completely wrong for the past two months-Beth doesn’t remotely sound like Janet-and when I came to, it was a little late to recover. So, two days later, I now have the even more awkward task of going to her and apologizing for not knowing her name.


The moral of the story is: Remember the names of the people at your barn. If you don’t, it’s going to be really awkward and uncomfortable for you.

 Kick on,


Comment your awkward experiences below!


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