Emily’s Riding Log #1

Today was by far a terrible horrible no good very bad day. Now the cold? Didn’t phase me as much as it really should have but it’s so cold some of our pipes were frozen! So that means hauling water out into the fields to avoid the sniveling comments of some of our boarders, who are safely tucked at home! But at the end of the day I finally got to ride the beast!

I started my ride out as usual working on my basic half pass at the walk and the trot. Followed by the transition to the canter (the first one is always a little interesting, especially when she’s had off) I worked on the counter canter, extended canter, and finally my latest love the canter-halt- rein back- canter. Lately Sasha has been particularly exuberant about it and likes to throw in more that four steps in the rein back (12 steps doesn’t get you any more points!) and canter after only one step forward (AGAIN you do not get extra points!) So I told her off for the extra steps simply by putting leg on (reasonable enough right?) and of course she throws a massive buck/rear combination (wonderful!) After I preformed the movement a couple more times I moved into the work on my newest “project” the travers and shoulder in. These are still in the works but the improvement was pretty massive!

The second part of my ride I always dedicate to working on collection (any horse with issues with collection I HIGHLY recommend this exercise that Kate has me do every ride. You should start in canter and every stride or two (depending on how “on the aids” your horse is) bring them down to the trot and then as quickly as you can back into the canter. Do this about 10-15 times until you can feel your horse collecting for the transitions. Then bring your horse into the canter and go six strides extended and then six strides collected canter. Then trot and canter normally. You should feel a huge difference. Like normal Sasha felt like a bottle rocket under neath of me and although she did all of the collection awesome I was very surprised there was no buck involved.

The last part of my ride I dedicated to sitting trot, and stretchy trot. Sasha was a bit quick in the stretchy trot (as usual) but I got her to calm down and it got a lot better near the end! And as for the sitting trot? Because she has such a BOUNCY trot I have so much trouble sitting to it. But the fact that Lady Gaga’s song “Do what U want” was on made it a little easier…

Brave the elements to go and see your ponies!


Note: This ride’s theme music was Lady Gaga’s new album “Art Pop”


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