Karleigh’s Riding Journal

Due to this “lovely” weather, I decided to only ride the horses that absolutely had to be worked.

Scooter- Today we worked on basic flatwork. First, I got him moving nice and straight while pushing from behind. Once he was nice and warmed up and listening to my aids, I decided to focus on the canter. we did a lot of leg yielding off the wall into a medium canter, and a lot of counter canter. Finally, he was really supple and correct. After a long walk break, we worked on our flying changes. He’s starting to really understand and execute them correctly. Following the changes- we did a lot of stretchy trot to end the ride. All-in-all I was very happy with him and got off smiling (always a good sign).

Wolfie– My plan with wolfie was to get on and work him lightly, focusing on getting him to let go of his back. In the beginning, he was being really good and doing exactly what I was hoping for. Then he started to drag down on his forehand- so I decided to take him through a grid to sit him back. We ended the ride with a really nice oxer and lots of pats. Once again getting off with a smile.

Thanks for reading!

Stay warm,



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