Emily’s Riding Log #2

What’s that sizzling noise? Oh.. thats my lower leg crying because it was NO STIRRUP DAY

Since 7 this morning we’ve been tacking up, riding, and breaking some crazy amounts of ice. It’s a long, cold day! But I just finished with Sasha and I have to say we had an amazing ride! Isabella (another working student who rides pure dressage) even witnessed the awesomeness and was like “See dressage is fun!”

I did my entire ride without stirrups (collective groan even thinking about it!) I started out with some simple walk to trot and then some trot half passes. Then I worked on not bouncing around like a maniac and then the canter. She had a really good “shape” (as Eric Smiley calls it) today and her canter was really nice. Her counter canter was super balanced and Bella even let out a “That’s how it’s done!” when we executed a perfect canter-halt-rein back- canter.

But then it got even better.

I finally NAILED my shoulder in and traver (haunches in) and I was so proud of her (and myself..) ! Then just for kicks I tried to see if I could get my medium trot (the next thing I wanted to learn) and we got it for a few strides, and then for even longer! It was a really great ride and to believe I did it all without stirrups!

Let’s hope we can do it all with stirrups

Have good rides today!


(For your enjoyment- Isabella bringing in the “big guns”- the sledge hammer and axe to break the ice)


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