Sarah’s Riding Journal


Yesterday Watching got the day off, so today I did about 15 mins of trot work on the flat, and then did some trot sets in the indoor. I’m trying to build his fitness/stamina up for the winter season down in Aiken; today was his first time doing trot sets in 2014, so I didn’t do too many reps, only about 18 mins of trot sets. During the 4 min sets, I *tried* keeping his head long and low, and during the 2 min walk breaks I let him have his head.

Sometimes I wish I could just skip all of the dressage training and be great at it already! It’s so frustrating not understanding it. It feels like it’s never going to get easier. I wish I was one of those eventers who love the challenge dressage holds. But I really am starting to dislike it. Is it because I’m impatient? I guess this is where I realize that being frustrated most of the time is what I signed up for when I started eventing. But isn’t dressage all about being one with your horse? When I first started my ride I felt like I was North Korea and Watching was South Korea, which is the farthest thing from being  “one with each other”.

At least I got some trot sets in, and Watching is on his way to getting fit. His huge barrel is really starting to worry me… Is he a brood mare or an eventer??

Kick on,



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