The Nitty Gritty- What to do when your in an Emergency

If you’re like me- grown up in pony club since I was six and been riding for most of my life you probably don’t think twice about what to do in an emergency situation (especially when pony club that had me reciting “stop the bleeding by applying pressure, clean the wound, wrap” since I could trot) But it never hurts to have an extra little bit of emergency preparedness right? Running a huge barn like Sunset (we now care for about 40 horses, but over the summer that number was closer to 75) You would not believe the number of injuries we have had. (98% of them are completely harmless and don’t even need a vet) So here are some tips from my barn to yours on equine emergencies-

  1. Keep a number of emergency kits handy- we have ones labeled “Hoof kit” (animalintex, vet wrap ,hoof tester, espon salt, clinchers, pinschers, rasp, betadine scrub) “cut kit” (betadine scrub and wash, ivory soap, sponge, rag, cotton, vet wrap) and a “fungus kit” (vagasil, desitin, betadine, bleach, curry comb, plastic wrap)
  2. When you see a cut follow the five rules- 1. apply pressure to stop the bleeding 2. wash with betadine 3. Assess the injury 4. wrap 5. seek help if needed
  3. Contact someone if needed- if your not sure about something always ask a trainer, barn manager or other knowledgable individual. If you know something is bad contact a vet immediately
  4. Keep all horse’s medical records on hand- You never know when you’ll need them! I suggest making binders for each horse with tabs for medical records, test results, other

5.  Have a list of emergency numbers just about everywhere- on stall doors, in a binder, in your phone, on the wipe board and    anywhere else!

Tell your ponies to be safe!



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