The Problems Young Eventers Face

-Lack of “professional” camera resources: Admit it, you’ve propped up your phone against a jump standard or an arena wall and hoped your footage was salvageable for an Instagram or new profile picture. Professional photo shoots are pricey, and for those of you who didn’t get that fancy camera that takes crystal clear pictures for Christmas, I feel your pain.

-Relying on parental finances: Really this is a fancy way of saying that your parents pay for everything and you can’t always get what you want. Which sounds selfish but even the best of us have felt that aching in your heart when you’re in the tack store looking at your dream saddle, bridle, breastplate, or in my case, that ecogold pad that your parents won’t get you and in turn, you have to save your own money up for.

-Stuck-up, bratty juniors: There’s nothing that screams trashy more than a fellow competitor with a bad attitude and a permanent sour look on their face. No matter what your placing is, or how well or terrible your horse went, you should always strive for professionalism. (Although if you have a killer dressage test and then you see that you’re second to last on the standings, I would shed a few tears (and have)). Always try to be the kindest you.

Stay classy, eventers.

Kick on,



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