A Topic That Needs To Be Addressed

To all readers and fans-

It has come to the bloggers of The Optimum Times attention that there are a few fans who like our blog so much, that they wanted to create their own. We highly encourage blogging, it’s a great experience, and it’s fun to share your journey with everyone! But we are upset to learn that some readers are using our exact format and templates as The Optimum Times does, along with our exact words. This is considered plagiarism. After realizing that this may become a problem, The Optimum Times is in the process of gathering information about and learning how to copyright. Every one of the bloggers here works very hard coming up with and writing original and (hopefully) entertaining posts. We ask that if you do decide to take the exhilarating step into the blogging world, that you use your own formats and words.

Thank you for reading, and happy riding!


The Optimum Times Bloggers

(Emily, Karleigh, and Sarah)


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