Down in the Dumps?

If you’re having a bad Monday, hopefully this can help.

When having a really bad day, it’s important not to get sucked into the black hole. Once you are put into a sour mood, it will start to snowball.

You need to have the self control to look at all the positives! Did you have a good ride? Did you get a good grade on a test at school? Did you ride well? Even something as simple as did your hair look good in school? Today the weather was nicer than it has been, that’s a positive!

Whatever you’re upset about, you should at least try to laugh about it. Be it a not so good ride- it’s just one ride, tomorrow will be better. Your hair didn’t look so good- everyone will forget by tomorrow. You fell off at a jump- as long as you aren’t hurt, it’s funny and was probably a silly mistake.

If none of these work I turn to Instagram. There’s so many people to laugh at on there.

Just remember that although this post may have been stupid and probably won’t help you at all, you forgot about what you’re upset about for a few minutes (hopefully).


Or maybe this helps.


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