Evolving as a Rider

If you’re one of those juniors who is serious about being a professional, this article is for you.

Personally, when I talk to someone for the first time, I pay attention to their personalities. I listen to how they talk about themselves, what they expect out of others and many other things. I secretly pay attention to how they act. If they are ready at any moment to help everyone or if they couldn’t care less because it doesn’t concern them. Personalities as a professional are very important to me.

Figuring out what you want other people to think of you is very important. If you want people to think of you as very nice and approachable, make it happen for you. If you just want to be the best rider and you don’t need other people, change yourself. Everyone needs help so you should make yourself the one rider that everyone is willing to help and people want to ask you for help. Obviously, having talent is the biggest factor of riding, but what people think of you plays a major role. You want to be the person that when you walk away, the other people will say “I like her.”


Don’t ever for a second expect everything to go your way. I hate when riders get so upset and go straight to the show office to protest. You should not be a rider that protests everything. There are certain calls that aren’t worth it. Learn to let some things slide because not everything can be in your favor and won’t be in the horse world. Things ARE GOING to go wrong and there isn’t anything you can do about it other than shrug your shoulders and be happy that it wasn’t worse because things could always be worse. We could be normal, going into an office every day with a briefcase, but instead we go into a barn every morning with carrots. Be thankful for the things that do turn out right and try to make the most of the things that don’t. Most importantly stop complaining.

Always remain professional. If you’re at a show, or even the barn, you must carry yourself with confidence, not cockiness. Never for a second doubt yourself (I think I need to take my own advice). Never for a second put yourself above everyone. The fine line between confidence and cockiness is so small. Always know the difference because other people can tell right away. Don’t forget to be proud of yourself and your horse because you are awesome.

Wolfie knows that he's awesome

Wolfie knows that he’s awesome

Think about why you started riding. Do you really think that’s same reason you started to be/wanted to become a professional? No, I think we all start riding because of how cute and fuzzy the ponies are, and it evolved to where you are today. I can remember how scared I was my first lesson. Not that I was scared to ride, but I was scared of this totally new and crazy world. Don’t let that love of the animal fade because remember that without them we would literally be nothing. It’s called “the horse world” for a reason. Without a rider, a horse would still be a horse, but without a horse, a rider is just a person.

It’s a crazy life we live but there are ways to live it right.



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