Living the Dream by Chasing Your Dreams

The above quote is my favourite. I kinda coined it while trying to think of a new bio for my instagram (although I’m sure someone else has said it at one point) But it just fully and openly describes my life.

Are both possible? Can you really live the dream while chasing it? Many teenagers see living the dream as the popular girl, with the boyfriend, and the parties, and fancy clothes. But for me (and the other bloggers, this has been our late night inspirational group chat for a while) living the dream is waking up too early and going to bed too late, the sore muscles, the horses, working your butt off, and knowing that every day your one step closer. Because honestly? We’re more than content that way. I couldn’t imagine a life without the craziness of how hot the horses are and the occasional disaster.

Photo credit: Orangies attic

Photo credit: Orangies attic

Are teenagers living the classic dream even chasing a dream at all? This is a good question (I’m not an expert on this topic) When you see those teens that you ask what they want to do with their lives and they say they don’t know yet I want to grab them and shake them a little. I’ve had this inate feeling that I know what I want to do for as long as I remember. And the fact that they can’t realize their purpose just doesn’t make sense to me. Because what is a life without goals and aspirations? One that is truly going nowhere. Everyone that has ever made history has known that they want to change the world, somehow. Think about it.

Photo credit: Quote of the day

Photo credit: Quote of the day

How did I get to live my dream? Perseverance. I can remember thinking about how much I wanted to be a working student. AND THEN I made it happen! I remember thinking I wanted to travel to all the big events AND THEN I worked so hard I made it happen. You have to make things happen! Not everything will just come to you in life (as hard as it is to believe


But theres always moments of doubt.. Remember that song Some Nights by Fun? Of course you do. This is the life that people who dedicate their lives to chasing their dreams can feel like some times. Yeah, it’s about the civil war but if you listen and I mean really listen you’ll hear it. Giving up your family and friends, some times hating what you do and sometimes loving it. Wanting to sell your soul, die, and run away to get to your goal. I remember a certain long time best friend of mine saying how much he loved the song and making me listen to it as I was walking to the warm up of our dressage. It’s a song that picks you up when your down and makes you remember why you do all this. When it comes on the radio Kate and I can’t help but scream the lyrics with the windows down.

So just remember.

“Yeah. Occasionally we wish we were normal, we had boyfriends, and went to parties. But this thing we have going on.. This crazy awesome life is just irreplaceable” – 11:00 exhausted Emily trying to be inspirational

(now fully awake.. and still attempting to be inspirational) Emily


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