Karleigh’s riding journal

Today was Scooter’s day off (sad face) and since I had so much packing and cleaning to do, I only rode Wolfe.

In the beginning I was expecting the ride to go like they have been going lately, average. Not surprisingly, that’s how it started. I wanted to practice my test for The Ocala Horse Properties show this weekend, so I had my mom watch. At the same exact time when I was going down the centerline, we both noticed my issue. Turns out the issue wasn’t me (like I was expecting it to be) but rather it was Wolfie not wanting to use his right hind and popping his left shoulder. After using lots of tricks and many walk breaks so I could keep myself calm, we finally got it fixed and he was amazing after that. AMAZING. I just hope we can carry this with us to Florida!

I apologize for my lack of posting today but it was a nonstop crazy day.

Thanks for reading and happy hump day!



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