Sarah’s Riding Journal


Today was a day for trot sets in the indoor, which sucks because there are no hills in there, and you don’t have any other way to go but in a circle. 20 minutes of trot sets sufficed, and I did a few minutes of cantering, just to let Watching stretch his legs and prepare him for my jumping lesson tomorrow. His flying changes aren’t really up to speed, and most of the time he only gets his front end changed and then skips up with his back legs a few strides later. Dan (my trainer) was in the ring on his horse Houston, so he told me to keep my body still and don’t shift my weight, get a little more pace, and have a looser feel with my inside rein. This formula worked well for Watching when he changed his lead with his front and back legs, from the right to the left. But from the left to the right Watching wasn’t getting both ends changing. Tomorrow in my lesson we will work on it a little more, and hopefully we will both get the hang of it once again. 


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