What Not To Wear: Equestrian Edition

For all of my TLC network lovers out there, you’ve probably seen the hit TV show “What Not To Wear,” so you understand what the show is about.

For those of you lost souls out there, “What Not To Wear” is a show about fashion, where hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly discover one lucky individual to change their wardrobe from drab to fab, with the help of Stacy and Clinton’s style expertise, and $5,000. Although I will not be giving you $5,000 (sigh) I will be aiding in any trouble you might have with picking out an appropriate and professional riding outfit.


Clinic: For clinics, a polo and clean [usually] tan britches are a MUST! I usually wear one of my Ralph Lauren polos and my Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise Breech. If it’s chilly, then I would suggest putting a nice sweater over a polo and then folding the collar of the polo over the collar of the sweater. Whomever you are taking a clinic with is probably a reputable, well known, good rider. It is for this reason that you should make a good impression, because you could taint a freshly-budding reputation by showing up in a spaghetti strap tank top and dirt-covered britches. 

Lesson: For lessons, I try to keep it professional, with usually a polo or sweater. I adore all of the Riding Sport™ products, especially their Riding Sport™ Plaid Trim Zip Mock and the Riding Sport™ Quilted Vest. I have the Plaid Trim Zip Mock in white and brown, and the Quilted Vest in hunter green. I think the two look really good together, especially with tan britches! I wear them with my tan Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise Breech. Or pairing the vest up with a black long sleeved shirt is a great alternative as well! 

Everyday: For everyday riding, where it’s just you and your horse schooling, I put on clothes that fit my mood. If I want to have a ride where I want to feel very put together, I throw a polo on. If I want to have a fun day hanging out with my horse, I throw on a T-Shirt! I love the lazy days, going on trail rides, or running around on the ground with Watching chasing me and we’re just goofing off. So who needs a matching outfit for those days?! 


What to consider when picking out an outfit:

The temperature! For the cold weather, I love layering, especially if I am going to be working hard I will peel off light layers to keep from getting a chill. I usually put on a long sleeve shirt, a sweater/crewneck/pullover, a north face, and a heavy winter jacket. I top it off with a scarf tucked into my jacket, and if it is super cold out I wear a headband that covers my ears!

-What type of ride? If I am going to do flatwork and dressage, where you use a lot of seat, I like to wear my Irideon® Cadence™ Stretch-Cord Full Seat Riding Breeches so I have some extra “stickability” while I’m sitting the trot. If I am jumping, I usually wear my tan or gray Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise Breech. This britches have knee patches, which I like for jumping since my butt will be out of the saddle for most of the time.

-Shoes!! In the winter months, especially when the temperature is below freezing, you want a shoe that is insulated and most importantly waterproof! I have “borrowed” (stolen) my mom’s Dubarrys, and I could not love them more!! They’re tall and waterproof all the way to the top, so I can walk in deep snow. I also wear rain boots, and for fall or spring days when it’s still a little warm out, I wear Duck Boots


Kick on (and stay fashionable),




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