Budgeting- Need or Want?

If you’re like most of us in the horse world, you know very well that money doesn’t grow on trees. So sometimes we have to sacrifice what we want for what we really need. Here’s some ideas to help.

Set a limit– Maybe talk to your parents about a monthly horse allowance. Consider the price of lessons, board, and all the routine things but don’t forget to add in a little extra for emergencies such as your girth snapping at a show (trust me it happens). The extra money that you don’t use per month can be set aside for luxuries like a new ear bonnet! If you budget and save correctly, eventually you’ll have a fair amount of money that you can go on a little shopping spree with!

Consider all options– What if you need a new show pad? Narrow down your choices first. Then think about your budget. Do you have enough money for the Back on Track pad or do you need to save that money? A white saddle pad is a white saddle pad. So if you can’t afford the best of the best, that’s fine! It’s better for your budget to have the money that you’ll save anyway.

Making money– EBay was invented for a reason! If you decide that the bright purple tie-dye saddle pad that you got five years ago isn’t really what you want anymore, sell it! Boom! Instant $20! That money adds up quickly.

Self-control– Trust me, I go on the Ecogold website every day to look at that dressage pad that I want-but I only have $260 to spend. I’d rather wait and have that money than spend the $200 on the pad and only have $60 left. Think about what’s best for the budget.

Be smart– Do you really need a new hoof pick every time you go to the tack store? Eventually that money will add up and you’ll be wondering where it all went! Only get what you really need, not what catches your eye.

Big purchases– So you need a new pair of tall boots. The smart thing to do would be to pick the ones you need in advance and know the price. Try to save up as much as you can, and then ask for help from your parents. If you show the responsibility of knowing what you want and having a portion of the price saved up- they’ll hopefully be willing to help you out.

There’s nothing wrong with “used”- Used is just a short way to say “broken in.” Used things are actually nice! My dressage saddle was used and it still looks great. Besides, who else is going to know?

Be responsible with what you have!



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