Emily’s Riding Log #4

Wow. What a great day today! Well other than a few minor details anyway. (My mom got the indoor arena’s door stuck and we had to stand there for 30 minutes trying to get it back on the track. Let’s just say there was my good friend the sledge hammer involved)

I woke up to find out two exciting bits of news! One, we had a two hour delay, and two, Spiced Equestrian had agreed to let me do a style report on them for my Eventing Nation blog (and are sending me some goodies, as well as some for a give away so watch out for that!) School as normal was blegh. (counting down the 10 days until Aiken!)

Onto the good stuff:

Well after being sick yesterday I didn’t get to jump so I moved it to today. I just did some small jumps working on lines.

I warmed her up over an entire course set with large cross rails working on angling fences to get straight approaches like you would on cross country.

Then I raised them and as Sasha can get, she got pretty excited! So I worked on jumping the jumps from a steady rhythm without putting in a chip.

Then I finished off with a quick course at a steady pace angling the fences on the lines!

Just another crazy ride!



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