Sarah’s Riding Journal


Tonight I had a jumping lesson with Dan, and it was great! Watching and I understood and successfully completed all of the exercises correctly the first time we went through them, which was surprising, but awesome! We did a three stride to a three stride, which was super fun! The first jump in was a regular vertical, the middle jump was a very wide semi-low oxer, and the last jump was a vertical with guide rails making an upside down V, or upside down chevron. This helps your horse jump in the middle of the jump, but can back them off a little, which is why it is important to use a little more leg than usual a half stride before the jump and when taking off over the jump. I also did a small gymnastic exercise where there are two one strides back to back, but the striding is shortened. This makes it vital to have a very collected canter so they can fit one stride of their canter in, before taking off over another jump.

I included a little video from tonight, I’m sorry one of the clips is really blurry!

Kick on,



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