This Week’s inspirational Ride- Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos

This week’s inspirational ride is Boyd Martin and Neville Bardos, a sure crowd pleaser. And of all the millions of videos from youtube I could have picked, I picked this one. Here is Boyd and Nev winning the Fair Hill International Horse Trial 3*. You can hear the crowd go crazy!

For those of you that don’t know this incredible little horse’s story we’ll start in the beginning (The part everyone may not know). Back in good old Australia Boyd, and his working student (now my boss ) Kate Chadderton got a couple of horses off the track. Boyd gave Kate the ride on one particularly fiesty little horse. She started him and showed him a bit before giving up the ride because he was a bit crazy. When Boyd moved to America he took Nev with him. And at the beginning of his career, there was a barn fire at Windurra. Nev barely made it. For his recovery they sent him fairly locally to the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center to rehab him and get him back to tip top shape! Between regimes in a hyperbaric chamber (which he ate all the siding off of, the cribber he is), aquatred, and a salt spa. Soon enough Nev beat all the odds and was short listed for the Olympics. But was put second to Boyd’s other horse because of a recent fall Boyd had had. Then Nev went into therapy again, and has just started work! In the hopes of attempting another Rolex!

To come from nothing, is to beat the odds. But to beat the odds and come from nothing is a true miracle.



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