Balancing School and Riding

It’s something we all struggle with: balancing school and riding. As equestrians we have a mandatory tie to our horse, but we have a legal tie with our school. So how do we do it? How do we get to the barn after school, ride our horse, get home, eat dinner, finish our homework, AND get a full eight hours of sleep? Well the sad truth is: You can’t. Unless you are a top notch student that whips out her homework and answers a few problems at a time throughout the day, you will be like me: a girl always a smidge behind, or occasionally right on top of it, but never ahead of the class.

When I committed full time to eventing, and realized that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, I knew giving up my social life was inevitable. So, similar to eventing, I saw my life in three phases: 1) School 2) Riding 3) Sleep. So, you either get to pick two of the phases, or you have to sacrifice a little bit of each if you want to have some sort of balance. Some days I only do the homework I HAVE to do, so I can ride a little bit longer. Or other times I ride for a shorter amount of time so I can get my homework done. The rare, but blissful days I have off from both homework and riding, I go to bed early so I can re-fuel my body’s energy.

Doing my homework at school and during class helps lift a little bit of weight off of my shoulders, so I know after I hop off my horse that I don’t have too much homework to do when I get home. Then when I get home, I do my imperative homework, and then get 6 1/2-7 hours of sleep.

So maybe this isn’t the best set up I could have, and I could probably be on my phone a lot less, but I’m still an honor roll student and I’m still on a (somewhat) fit horse. I hope this helped shed some light on the impossible subject of balancing school and riding.



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