Emily’s Riding Log #5

Well you could describe the indoor arena like a lessson at a deaf school today. Totally silent. The reason? My awesome boss/trainer/mentor/second mother is back in action (sort of) and taught all day today!

First I set up the course that Kate texted me a picture of and then we started the horses. From 10:00 to 3:00 we non stop jumped 15 horses over this course! What a crazy tiring day!

The course Kate had us set up

The course Kate had us set up

So my lesson with Sasha started out on turning with the bottom far jumps to get turning. She was really good but I had to concentrate on using my outside rein and not resorting to my inside rein for support!

Then We worked through a course of small jumps, Sasha jumped everything fine. But when we reversed the course we had some trouble with the triple bounces the other way (she stopped about 10 feet out, bucked multiple times, reared, crow hopped, leaped and then wouldnt stop cross cantering) So I came in really strong, gave her a smack with the whip and she hopped right over. Kate then told me that she wanted me to keep my reins bridged really short so I could have better turning ability. And although it felt like it was impossible to turn at first eventually I got the handle on it.

I finished the lesson by going through the triple bounces four times consecutively. We never jumped really high, because Kate wants to do that tomorrow and prefers to fix problems with the fences while they are still small.


For now, Ride like you’ve already had a stop



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