Role Models

Everyone needs someone to look up to. Whether it’s a professional, a singer or actor, or a fellow junior, it’s whoever you see as someone to try to be like.

Personally, I have a few: my dressage trainer; Linda Zang, fellow young rider; Morgan McCue, international event rider; Doug Payne (who happened to be my dressage judge at the show today!), and of course Denny Emerson & Ralph Hill. Okay so maybe that’s more than a few but they’re all great riders with amazing personalities!

So always look at people from both sides. Are they good riders (if riders at all) and do they have a good attitude? When people ask you who you look up to, you want to be able to tell them proudly. You wouldn’t pick someone as a role model just because they can ride a horse, you want to have a certain character to be able to follow or try to emulate.

Role models are good for us because once we have something to be like, we aren’t just wandering trying to figure out what to be on our own. I think it gives us a base.

Keep in mind that there might be someone out there who looks up to you! Always act how you want to be known because even if you think no one’s watching, there might be a little girl peeking around just to see you.



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