Karleigh’s Show Journal


This past weekend I showed at the Florida Horse Park. We left the cold (and I mean cold) Maryland weather on Thursday evening with three horses and a lot of tack. Once we got to Florida Friday afternoon, I ripped of my sweatshirt and sweatpants to uncover my extremely white legs and arms (I think I blinded a few people).

The horses were so happy to be warm and not have blankets on! On Saturday, we had dressage and show jumping. I had an inaccurate dressage test that was scored rather harshly (the best score in the class was a 36). I was sitting in eighth going into the show jump arena.

I actually went into that arena twice. The first time, I walked around waiting for the jump crew to set up the fallen jumps that the wind blew over. It wasn’t working because once they picked it up it would blow back over. So I eventually just made my way back to warmup and they staked the jumps into the ground (to bad they didn’t stake the poles to the jumps!) The second time I entered the arena, I was hoping I could just get these 80 seconds over with before everything blew down again. The buzzer blew and I went around my first official prelim course, knocking a rail due to rider error. At the end of the day I was in sixth place. Good day for my first prelim!

The next day was cross-country. I had my course semi memorized and was ready to go. after a really smooth warmup I got the ten second warning (you can’t have a count down with Wolfie or else he freaks out) and then we were off! My first prelim was going really well- until the water. It was a jump into the water to an upbank 3 strides to a jump. Well, the jump into the water I got way unseated and almost fell. During my scrambling to get back on, I lost my helmet camera in the water! Luckily my mom saw it and rescued it. I had 8 time faults due to the little mishab. At the end of the day I ended my first prelim in 3rd place! All thanks to wolfie! Next weekend we’ll be at Poplar Place so look out for the little girl on the big horse!


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