The Aiken Effect

People always say you get triple the amount of riding done in Aiken then you do anywhere else. Why is that? What makes this so?

Think about it. The only place that that many eventers are really all that close together is at 3 day events. And I don’t know about you, but competition makes me ride better. Kate brings riders into our farm just for the extra push to ride better. The mentality of one upping people certainly comes to play.

Pure concentration. Being in Aiken generally means your family, and non horsey friends are back north, you don’t have snow or extreme heat to complain about, you have good food so nothing to think about other than horses. Riding in Aiken, is well all about the riding.

Easy Access. Have you ever driven two hours for a lesson? Maybe not, but I know that our eventing team travels to PA for lessons with boyd and Phillip, even just to get a second opinion on your riding from a decent pro is a drive. While in Aiken all you have to do is lean over at your table at Maria’s and ask another rider’s opinion, or drive /hack to another farm to have a lesson.

I also think that Maria’s puts some sort of a drug in their queso to make you ride better

So if your considering a winter in Aike, don’t let it pass you by! It’s a great place to be!


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