Brand Ambassador

Every young rider wishes that they had sponsors, including me. But only a few brands sponsor young riders, and only the most amazing young riders out there, so the rest of us get kind of left in the dust.
But there is a middle ground. Brand ambassadors!
Brand ambassadors are YRs who provide social media support to brands in exchange for products. The catch is, you generally have to own some of their products to enroll.

Karleigh with her Ogilvy! She's now an ogilvy ambassador!

Karleigh with her Ogilvy! She’s now an ogilvy ambassador!

Brands like Ogilvy, Shop Dapple Gray, My Barn Child, Kerrits, and Le Fash NY all have ambassador programs. Some contact riders to see if they are interested, and some you have to apply.
Finding out if being a brand ambassador is right for you can be difficult, but consider these tips:
1) Do you really love the brand?- If the answer is no, don’t support something your not invested in!
2) Do you have any pull in the equestrian community?- Do you have 12k insta followers, a big blog, or a famous twitter? Anything that can benefit the brand!
3) What sets you apart from all other applicants?- Is it your sunny personality, professional nature, or something else? You need to be different in some ways!
4) Will you be committed?- Don’t sign up for something you don’t really want to do!
5) Are you just in it for the free stuff?- BEcause if you are, you’re not getting as much out of it as you should be!
Why be an ambassador: Other than the free stuff? Being a brand ambassador prepares you for the world of sponsorships as well as helps your name get out there in the equestrian community. It also improves your networking capabilities, and supports a brand you feel strongly about!
Applying: Wether there’s an application or your just emailing them free lance, it’s important to highlight a couple of things when you apply.
1) Your strong points- Things that make you an excellent candidate
2) Hopes for the future- What do you want to do with your life? What are your goals? Planning for the future makes you look prepared, professional, and optimistic
3) A sunny attitude- Maybe all your criteria doesn’t make to par with everyone else, but with a happy go lucky attitude it’s hard to get in the way of your dreams!
4) Why you love the brand
5) Neatness and Grammar- These count! Nobody wants an uneducated rider who can’t represent themselves well to represent their brand!

Go forth, and support brands!


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