Emily’s Riding Log

Today I had a jump lesson on Sasha with Kate! It was really good! We started by cantering through a bounce exercise and then through two oxers. First I did the two oxers in 4 strides, and then **tried** to open up my stride and get 3 strides. The first time through was slightly unsuccessful, getting 3 1/2 strides and popping the fence. But the second time I got her even more forward and didn’t drop my shoulders, and it went great!
Then Kate raised the fences (around prelim height) and I did it a few times working on my position. Then she told me to run through the oxers backwards and make a tight turn to an upright vertical next to the oxers. The first time I twisted my body over the fence and it just didn’t look right, so we did it again and I concentrated on my position. We ended the lesson there because it was starting to rain!
Yesterday I did fitness work on Sasha! I started out with 20 minutes of trot (Sasha insists on doing her fabulous extended trot the entire time) Then I worked on my canter. I did 3, 4 minute canter sets with 1 minute walks in between up and around the front field that has a steady incline. Sasha was convinced it was gallop time, so it took me a while to calm her down, but once I got her sitting on her hind end she was perfect!


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