Karleigh’s Riding Journal

Finally, after almost two weeks of not being able to ride, the sun was out and the boys got worked!

(Wolfies still enjoying a little vacation)

Bug- I worked on ride-ability. I started off by just warming up at the walk/trot/canter until he felt good both directions. Then I worked on being able to control both the shoulders, both directions w/t/c. Next, I made sure his poll wasn’t locked up either way. Finally, I worked on spiraling a 20 meter circle in & out with my outside aids (ride-ability). For not being worked in over a month he was awesome!

Alex- I think Alex didn’t feel so great today. Something was off or sore so I lunged him to let him stretch his back and then got on him and did all long and low work. He was a good boy as always.

Scooter- Scooter was awesome! His trot work was really relaxed but still pushing forward. I worked him similar to Bug but I didn’t focus so hard on the ride-ability. Scooter is a super star!

I put pictures below of the little boys! From top to bottom the order is Alex, Scooter, and Bug.





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