Learning a New Language: Aussie Edition

So as most of you know, I’ve been in South Carolina since the 20th. You may also know that I’ve been living with other people.

But what many of you don’t know, is along with my trainer Daniel Clasing, his girlfriend and polo player Olivia Stringer, blogger Emily, my mother, and two dogs, I am living with two Australians: International event rider Kate Chadderton and her assistant trainer Rhiannon Bosma. Over the past 14 days, I have begun to learn a whole new language: The Australian language.

I’ll break it down for you:

-“Far out” – whoa, that’s crazy
“Far out brussel sprout.”
-“Holy guacamole” – no way, oh my gosh
-“Perving” – checking someone out
“Who are you perving on?” “Did you have a good perv?”
-“Pommy” – British
“Your fake Australian accent is so bad, you sound like a Pommy.”
-“Servo” – short for service station, aka a gas station
“I stopped at the servo to get a soda.”
-“Chips” – french fries
“This servo has the best chips.”
-“Biscuit” – either a cracker or a flake of hay, it could be either one
“Can I pinch a biscuit from you?” or “I gave the horses a biscuit of hay.”
-“Daggy” – not fashionable
“Wow you look so daggy in that sweatshirt.”
-“Dibber-dobber” – tattletale
“You’re such a dibber-dobber for saying that.”
-“Scone” – biscuit
“Cracker barrel has good scones.”
-“Icy Pole” – popsicle
“It’s so cold outside I feel like an icy pole!”

By the way, all of these examples are things that have actually been said.



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