Full Gallop Farm HT- Emily

Today I went to Full Gallop farm for the first event of the year! I had an awesome dressage test which I was a little upset didn’t score as well as I thought it would. The show jumping went okay, I had a stop t the first jump but that was my fault because I cut too close of a turn. After that the course went well! The cross country was pretty difficult for a novice which was good to gear up for training. The first three jumps rode easily from a gallop. The fourth jump was an up bank to a log at the bottom of the hill, followed by a roll top on an angle and then a jump four strides to an up bank. Then through the trees to a down bank. Here, I felt I had a bit of trouble collecting her from the gallop but the second she saw the bank she backed herself off and sprang down. Then there was a quick left hand turn to a flower table and then a long gallop to the first water. In the first water there was a jump in, and then a jump out but you had to decide to curve around the water or go out on land and back in. I decided to go through the water because the jump out was small enough I could angle it. But over the first one Sasha locked onto the intermediate water jump (a roll top in the middle of the water) and tried to jump it angle on a one stride! Thank god I could control her enough to steer her away from it! The jump out went well and then I galloped up the hill to the last leg of the course. I jumped a barn in the fence line and was distracted and missed the opening I was supposed to use to get to the second water. In the second water the first jump was almost directly out of the opening in the fence line so I jumped it on a huge angle and then closed my leg and she galloped straight to the jump out. The next jump was a table under the tree, which I rode her a little under but she jumped fine. Then I circled five times and then jumped the last fence! Overall I was happy with it as a first event of the season!
Here’s a video of part of my show jumping:

See you out there!


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