Sarah’s Riding Journal 1/6/14

Today was great! I rode five horses and all went very well.

Christmas: Christmas is a three year old off the track thoroughbred, who was actually a $500,000 Keenland yearling, but didn’t cut it as a racehorse. From the beginning of the ride he was supple and accepting of the contact. Even though he’s only three he is becoming a great little ride! I have a tendency to get a little touch with my reins, but I stayed soft for the majority of the ride.

Kilo: Considering she’s only been in serious event horse training for about a week, she has picked everything up SO quickly!! The first time I rode her it was a little difficult to find soft contact, but today she was kinder and more willing with her body. Dan noticed her neck was tight so I tried to get her to stretch down. After that I cantered on the right and left lead, but her left lead was a little fresh and up-idy so I went back to trot work, got her back on the bit, and picked up the left lead again with no problems. To top it off, she is such a sweet horse and has an in your pocket personality and loves to cuddle! I am very excited to see where this little mare goes!

Bindi: This mare just came off of a three month break so I only did a light flat. She wasn’t as accepting of the bit, so I didn’t push her to become round. Her canter is so smooth and nice to ride, although she was being a little mare-ish and swishing her tail, but one tap with the whip and she was better.

Watching: I had a great jump lesson on Watching! We jumped an arrowhead and did a three jump combination (a one stride to a one stride). I had the most trouble with the triple combination, and then six strides to an oxer. I needed to hold my body and squeeze with my calves a little more to keep my position and Watching’s momentum. But I was SO pleased with him, and I can’t wait for the first event of the season, which is in 9 days!!

Lion: Lion is a stallion. I hacked him with Dan and Liv and he was great. Since it was only a hack there was not much to comment on.



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