Meet Morgan – February Guest Blogger

Hi guys!

My name is Morgan McCue and I am a 15 year old event rider in area II. I live in West Chester Pa and have two competition horses. Abecca GS or Becca is a 12 year old 16.1 Trakehner mare. I started riding her this time last year, we did our first training together in Aiken of 2013 and did not get along at first. With time we started to create a great bond and awesome friendship (she’s very easy to bring in from the paddock now because she gallops to the gate when I call her! Makes life so much easier). She has competed up the the 2* level and will hopefully be my forever horse. Havanna’s Orphan Annie or Annie is a 12 year old 17 hand Trakehner mare I got almost 4 years ago. She had competed up to the preliminary level before I got her and she was the horse that got me from beginner novice to training in a year and has taught me how to ride and how not to ride. She and I have a friendship that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I currently train with Susie Beale in Malvern PA, I have been training with her since I was 6. I am currently competing at the preliminary level hoping to move up at Pine Top 2! I am currently in Aiken SC for the month of February to compete and train. It’s been quite fun so far and I’ve learned more now than I have in the past few months! I go to a private/catholic school. They are very supportive with my riding and are very flexible with my competition schedule, letting me leave when I have a competition coming up. I am also a member of RHPC or Radnor Hunt Pony Club. I personally think Pony Club is important with your riding and I think it’s quite fun even though it can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I would say that two of my ultimate goals this year are to compete at NAJYRC and compete at the FHI CCI2** in the fall! Hope to see all fellow eventers around!

“Red on right, white on left, insanity in the middle”!!






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