Paradise HT- Emily

Well! Sorry about not posting for a couple of days, but Aiken has been a little crazy!
First we had a rain storm, followed by ice storm, followed by earthquake! We had no power for six days!
I missed a day of riding, got to trot in a circle the next, and than jump the last day and then went off to Paradise
Dressage: I scored a 35, decent test. She was a little stiff and could have been more in the corners.
Show Jumping: Recently I’ve had a bit of problems with the show jumping so I was exstatic to go clear! But out of nervousness I smacked her with the whip on the shoulder before most of the jumps! Oops
Cross Country: Well, we had some speed faults but other than that we went clean! She slipped over between jump 2 and 3 and I thought we were almost not going to make it around! But we got it together! Jump four was a combination with a jump to a ditch which she jumped well and jump five was a keyhole that had a huge down side, which I made sure she was super bouncy for! Then she jumped it fine! Then a few more galloping fences, and then the water (Which was super difficult) A big skinny log in, two strides to a down bank! Out of the water to the sunken road, a brush, two strides, down bank, three strides, to a bank out. I actually put two strides in the three strides so that came out a little dicey. But the rest of the course was great!

I ended up in fifth, following only 4* riders. I would call it a successful weekend!


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