POWER! & Competition Review

So as some of you may know, an ice storm overtook Aiken, South Carolina about a week and a half ago. This caused me to lose power for six days, hence why I haven’t been posting! Needless to say, when the power finally came back on, I was overjoyed to finally get wifi back and catch up on all of the lost hours of Netflix.  Thankfully we only lost power at the barn for a day, and had already filled up their water buckets the day before, along with a 100-gallon trough for extra water.


The ice caused us to lose a day of riding, which was tough since I had a competition coming up that weekend: Paradise Horse Trials! Amazingly enough, the event was still run smoothly and efficiently without electricity OR water! 

 A little review of how my weekend at Paradise went:

 My dressage test was great! I was very pleased with the responsiveness and suppleness of Watching, and scored all 6’s and 7’s to get a 35.2, which tied us for 3rd after dressage. This was only my second training test performed in competition, and I had improved my score by about 10 points! I have a few accuracy problem to tackle, but I was thrilled with the steadiness of the rhythm and Watching’s frame. 

 My show jumping could have been better-mostly because I went mind blank and had forgotten everything Dan had told me. I let Watching get a little strong and long with his stride, causing a rail. I have never had a rail fall in competition before, so I was a little disappointed. 

 Cross country was confusing, and it wasn’t the course, or any of the combinations that made me feel that way, but it was just that I couldn’t really get into a rhythm. At the first combination, there was a log to an angled ditch. I got a little greedy with the distance and leaned up Watching’s neck enough to make him second guess his abilities, resulting in him stopping and me smacking him with the crop and jumping the ditch from a standstill, so no penalties were added to my score since I didn’t have to reapproach the jump. I went too slow and incurred some time penalties, which is an easy fix! Currently we are fooling around with some bits that might make Watching be a little more respective, without offending him too much.


All in all it was a good weekend, and I was only angry with myself because if I had finished on my dressage score I would have won. But I am looking forward to my next event, Sporting Days, which is next weekend!



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