George Morris Clinic Report- Day one

Today I had the privilege of grooming at the George Morris clinic at Boyd’s Aiken farm (Bridle Creek Farm). Kate rode in the second group along with Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton, Erin Sylvester, William Coleman III, Lillian Heard, and Caitlin Siliman.
George started out on the flat and asked everyone to lengthen their stirrups by a few holes. He started with everyone on a loose rein then had them pick up the contact in the trot. They trotted both directions and then had them canter. “The horses are more powerful in the canter, that’s why it can be harder to ride, that’s why we jump from it” He explained. He worked with all the riders on being able to ride in both 3 point, as well as full seat. “You should be able to do everything you can do in full seat in 3 point; half passes, shoulder in, leg yield, everything” After a little more canter work he told everyone to shorten their stirrups and get ready for jumping.
He started jumping over an oxer “I generally don’t do warm up jumps unless I’m really in trouble” He explains. Then he went straight into the course. “Everything with horses starts hard, but with repetition it becomes easy, then beautiful. It must always become beautiful” He said this atleast three times during the clinic. He had certain riders like Lillian work on riding in front and behind the motion (the “only two correct ways to ride”) and even picked on riders like Phillip for their heels and little stuff like that.
I’m excited to see what day two holds for the clinic


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