Giving Back

Sometimes, all of the “She’s so lucky because she has two horses, or she has the nicest tack” gets us caught up in feeling sorry for ourselves. But if you really think about it, how lucky are we that we have the capabilities to ride, when some people can’t even feed themselves, or even read this blog for that matter because they don’t have internet.

Imagine a life where your biggest worry is where your next meal is, not what 50 cent ribbon your going to win at the end of the day. Scary isn’t it? Everyone gets caught up in feeling sorry for themselves from time to time, luckily my boss keeps me in pretty good check with a simple “Children in Africa don’t care about that, they care about where they’re getting their next meal.”
But as lucky as we all are, we should give back to the less fortunate. And I know, not everyone has the free time (I certainly don’t) to go work at a food bank, but there are small ways you can help within the equestrian community

Just World International is a charity organization run exclusively by equestrians helping the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and Brazil. Their missions include providing cambodian children who scavenge for food with the necessities they need to survive, Provide Honduran kids with free public schools, and HIV/AIDS assistance.
How do you help? Well first things first email to request a application to join Just World International! Then you can act as a spokesperson and participate in charity benefits (We’re currently working to get a booth at Rolex, you can buy Charity c4 belts as well as other cool gear, and anything else you can imagine up!) Lastly, as a JWI ambassadors you can buy (or make your own) JWI gear like bonnets, show jackets, polo, and blankets that both show off your Just World International pride, and donate money to the cause.
So join the movement! Just World is mainly hunters and jumpers currently but it’s slowly making it’s way into eventing and dressage! So join us, donate, and learn more about Just World International and it’s causes!



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