Sporting Days HT-Sarah

Level: Junior Open Training

Event: Sporting Days Horse Trials

Date: March 1, 2014


Dressage: An obedient test that could have been a bit better accuracy wise, I need to work on having crisp and clear transitions, also need to work on getting him even in both reins so I can get a steady half halt before making a transition.

Score: 36.


Show Jumping: I had a much better show jumping round than I did at Paradise, having no rails and no time penalties. A few distances were if-y, but Watching was a star and helped me out when I was stuck!

Double clear.


Cross country: The first jump was a little awful, I saw a shorter distance that Watching definitely did not see! So that was a bit ugly but jump 2 was good. When we got to jump three I saw an okay distance that was fine enough for the size of the jump. Watching misread it and knocked his left knee, causing his hind end to fly up and propel me forward. I almost fell off, but fortunately Watching lifted his neck back up which popped me back into the saddle. I pulled him up, recovered my stirrups, gave him a little smack with the crop to get him to shape up, and on we went! From then on it was a great course, but not nessecarily confidence-building. All in all I am fortunate to have such a rider-conscious horse that will take care of me when needed. 

Double clear.


Placing: 4th


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