Social Media For Good

Many of you have sat through a speech, read a pamphlet, or experienced cyber bullying itself. It’s not fun, and even something as mundane as making a mean comment to someone can be considered cyber bullying. And yeah, your probably saying you would never do anything like that, but everyone has their weak moments.
In particular, the website is a breeding ground for mean comments, and fights. Under the cloak on anonymity people can say whatever they want to you, which sounds like fun, until they say something really mean.
But the only way to get rid of the problem is go to the source.
I once sat through an anti bullying lecture where the speaker addressed a specific situation. “They found a man dead who jumped off an extremely popular bridge” He said “When they examined his apartment he left a suicide note that simply said “If one person smiles at me today on my way to kill myself, I will not jump” But of the thousands of people who passed him that day, nobody smiled” For some reason such tragedy stuck with me, I couldn’t understand how nobody could smile.
People only say terrible things to other people when they feel so insecure in their own skin that they have to judge and berate you. For some reason riders are so prone to writing mean comments about other riders, and their horses. No matter what anyone else say, it’s not their business to make comments about your riding or your horse. The only people who have business talking about your horse or your riding is your trainer, or a professional you have asked for assistance. Some 15 year old kid hiding behind a computer screen has no power over you.

Sarah and I before dressage!

Sarah and I before dressage!

I’ve recently been receiving a lot of negative comments considering my personal decisions to move my horse up to the preliminary level in the coming months, and my equitation . After discussing it with my trainer, best friend (Sarah), and trusted professional riders over a dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s I decided to delete my because I don’t need the kind of negative comments it brings about.
Comments that aroused themselves among dinner included “Even the best cross country rider I’ve ever seen has moments where his heels were up, and his heels were down”
“The most important part of cross country is to attack the fence” and various other comments that gave a bit of a buck up feeling.
People don’t quite understand that people are delicate, and should be handled as such. A lesson my mom has taught me since I was a young kid. You could be the so called “Straw that breaks the camel’s back” without even knowing it! And besides, what does leaving those mean comments do for you? You can’t make the weak stronger by making the stronger weak.
So before you post anything make sure you think it through



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2 responses to “Social Media For Good

  1. Anonymous

    Amen! Those people are just hating on you. Sure, maybe you don’t have flawless equitation, but who does? As long as you feel confident and you aren’t unsafe, you’re fine!

  2. Great words! So much good can be wrought by a few kind words, and vise versa. We should all choose to build people up!

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