April Guest Blogger-Meet Katherine Pt. 2

​Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Lambert. I am 17 and live in New Hampshire( I promise you it is not hicktown), but come down to Aiken for most of the winter with my coach Alison Eastman-Lawler. I have been riding with since I was 5! I go to a regular catholic school, but they let me miss some school in the winter to come down to Aiken. I love eventing so much and I would do it all day every day, but my parents want me to lead a normal high school teenager’s life, so I also play lacrosse for my school in the spring. Now that I play it, I love it! I was recruited to play lacrosse at the University of Mary Washington, where I will be attending college next year. It is in Fredericksburg, Virginia right in horse country; I am so excited to move there with McFly!(but haven’t found a coach to ride with out there, so if anyone knows of one, tell me!)

My horses name is Dragon Fly aka McFly and he is a 10 y/o 15.1 OTTB that I got 17 months ago. After a tough first few months(charging at jumps and getting 50s in dressage), we are now competing at Preliminary. When I got him, he had done only a handful of novices and one or two trainings that he wasn’t very successful at. When I was looking for McFly, I had another horse(Iggy), so I had to find a horse that was little to no money. They were offering to give me McFly for free, so I couldn’t refuse. McFly has the sweetest disposition and is certainly one underdog of a horse, I never thought he would be going prelim successfully! I wouldn’t count this horse out on anything, he has the biggest heart and once he is fully confident he will be doing something big. My goal for us is to compete successfully at Prelim, move up to Intermediate and Hopefully do the NAJYRC two star in the next few years! I am rather new to blogging, so be patient with me, but I am very excited to be a guest blogger for The Optimum Times!





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