It Never Gets Easier

Many of you have heard of the two passings of incredible horses this past weekend at the Fork. This is tragedy. It’s not the first the sport has ever seen, and sadly it will not be the last. Just because there are risks involved with the sport does not mean that it’s too dangerous to exist, which some non-eventers have now decided.


I’m no stranger to tragedy with horses myself. . It happens, it’s a part of life. And though it feels debilitating, you will continue on. No matter what happens, I can guarantee no professional rider is ever at true fault for the death of a horse. They love them and give them the best care possible.But accidents, and tragedies still happen.


The worst thing people can possibly do is to speculate or talk about the cause of the horse’s deaths without knowing all the information. Not only does it misinform other people to talk about it in a clouded light, but it can be upsetting to the people who ACTUALLY knew the horse themselves. How would you like to have all sorts of explanations for your horse’s death that aren’t true all over the internet? Expressing your condolences doesn’t include your two cents.



Dealing with the loss of a horse is like learning dressage, it never gets easier (I can tell you that from personal experience) you only get stronger.

My mom and her late horse Marengo

My mom and her late horse Marengo


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