Groom’s Corner: Keeping grey horses clean

We’ve all been  there. You get into the wash stall, take your horses fly sheet off and underneath, he’s green. You groan, kick the cement, and pour a hand full of purple shampoo into your hands and get scrubbing. But he’s still not white. What’s the secret?

Grooming for Buckharo, Kate’s 2* grey OTTB gelding, is an uphill battle. But there’s little things that we do to try and keep him as white as possible as we’re looking to send him to Bromont in less than 2 weeks.

1. Bleach. – I know it sounds a little abusive, but for those brown set in stains in your horse’s tail putting a splash of bleach and leaving it in for a couple of minutes makes it perfectly white- and tangle free! Just don’t overuse, after bleaching the first time wash your horse’s tail daily with some mild dish soap to keep it white!

2. Spot cleaning- Once a stain on a grey has been set in for more than 48 hours there’s NO hope of getting it out! So just scrub the dirty spots when you wash them off every day, and that way you’ll never have to worry about it

3. Wrap their tail up. – Wrapping the tail up keeps it nice and clean while in the stall or outside!

4. Dilute Quick Silver- Non diluted quick silver can turn a grey horse purple! So make sure you mix it with some water in a bucket and scrub it on with a brush or sponge!

Get scrubbing!



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