September Faves

The Optimum Time’s favorite products for these early fall months!
1. Absorbine Muscle Max: I’ve put Sasha on a one month trial to see what I think about Absorbine Muscle Max. Being the hot, hard to keep, OTTB she is, a little help putting muscle on would do us both lots of good! I’ve noticed an increase in her weight, and especially her coat. It’s much darker, and she’s even starting to dapple!51eNekNOElL._SY300_
2. Ecogold Flip Pad : After months and months of searching for the perfect half pad that doesn’t slip, doesn’t get dirty, doesn’t get too sweaty, and doesn’t break the bank I found the Ecogold Flip pad! Mine is Emerald with white on the other side (because green is the best ) It hasn’t slipped, budged, or even thought about moving!IMG_2114
3. Personally Preppy Helmet Monogram: Starting to gain popularity is Helmet Monograms. My dressage schooling helmet has my initials on the back in white! The Personally Preppy team said that the stickers didn’t stick as well to suede helmets- but for the past couple of months mine has remained in PERFECT condition! So that makes me wonder how well they stick on their best sticking! Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.42.13 AM
4. Phyllis Stein Equestrian Tee Shirts- Phyllis Stein is undoubtedly my favorite when it comes to Tee Shirts! Recently I got two new ones and I can’t stop wearing them! So soft, and casual! Oh and don’t forget Sassy!! I can’t wait to see their fall line 1536695_10202537150446059_2328654973951514118_n

Have a fun fall!


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