Groom’s Corner: Braiding Tips

No matter where we are in our braiding career, most of us came from the awkward kid with the chunk, too big braids that stuck up in all the wrong places. Wether your braids are too big, or too small, too loose, or rolled wrong there’s always room for improvement. Here are some tips on how you can improve your braiding technique:


1. Choose big or small- Dressage riders generally post about 8 big braids, while hunter jumper generally have a little more than 20 braids. Eventers can choose either, but don’t go straight down the middle with around 15!

2. Hair Gel, Hair Gel, Hair Gel, and some more Hair Gel. – Braiding at Rolex was rough. But the secret to my success is to get some heavy grade men’s hair gel and smooth a pea sized amount into Cole’s mane before every braid. This eliminates fly aways and keeps your braids in one piece.

Rolex Braids!  Photo Credit: Jenny Barnhard

Rolex Braids!
Photo Credit: Jenny Barnhard

3. Just like the Musical- You know in the musical Hairspray where they’re hair stays in such a perfect position? Well why can’t your braids be like that? We use people hair spray on all the braids! Just be careful to spray both in between and underneath to get the full protection!

4. Double band it- if a braid looks like it just might come apart, don’t risk it! Throw another rubber band over it so that it’ll be extra safe!

Rolex Braids! Photo Credit Jenny Barnhard

Rolex Braids! Photo Credit Jenny Barnhard

Hopefully with these quick tips you can turn your braids from lop sided, into tight and orderly!



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