Groom’s Corner: The Groom Bucket

So you’re in dressage warm up, biggest show of the year. You look down, and your boots, and horse are covered in thick mud. You panic a little. What are you going to do? But then (hopefully) your amazing groom runs up with a bucket full of rags, hoof and boot polish, and god knows what else she keeps in there!

The Groom Bucket is both a time and point saving necessity that every rider should have in the warm up, it’s not only for grooming, but safety, and small necessities. See what The Optimum Times puts in their Groom Buckets Below:
1. Sponge- For those nasty stains that you just can’t get out, as well as keeping horses cool on a hot day!
2. Rags- Rags are perfect for everything! Tack touch ups, wiping mud off your horse, and padding things that just don’t fit right! Keep a bunch of them handy!
3. Show Sheen- Because you can never be too shiny!
4. Vaseline, Ecolicious Glamorous, or any other Facial Highlighter- Rub this not only on your horse’s eyes and nostrils, but your bridle and boots so everything looks super shiny!
5. Saddle Tight, or Sporty Haft Spray- For sticky situations!
6. A spare pair of gloves
7. a stiff brush- for tough stuck on dirt
8. Wrench- For emergency stud situations!
9. Hoof Polish- Because it always wears off before you go in the arena!
10. The all important Green Spot remover- because we’ve been there, and now it’s an essential!
11. Hoof Pick- You never know when rocks might get stuck in your horses shoe.
12. Braiding bands- for emergency braid, hair net, and keeper fixes!
13. A spare medical arm band- Expect the unexpected!
These awesome necessities for going into any of your phases might make a big difference! So before your next event, get a Groom Bucket together!


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